Saturday, August 8, 2009

Started Packing...

Today I started packing for Disney... It's really hitting me now that I am leaving. Actually it is 2 weeks today that I will be leaving Buffalo for Orlando. So I only have one more week @ work. I've been there for 2 1/2 years and as much as I am going to miss the people I have worked with for a long time, I am just READY to get out of there...

Saying goodbye to friends is something I am NOT ready for though. I am really beginning to realize how much time I DON'T have left with them. I don't have a big group of friends, I really only hang out with a few people, so I think it is even harder to say goodbye to them. Especially my best friend. I just feel like I am abandoning her for 5 months. And I feel terrible about it.

And I am very close with my family too, so realizing I don't have much time with them either is really eating at me. I do EVERYTHING with my parents. And while my brother lives in an apartment up at his school, I have been seeing him a lot this summer and I am going to really miss all of them.

And my dogs. Oh man I am really going to miss them. They are like my little furry brother and sister and to not have them right by me all the time is going to be really strange.

And Buffalo food. People who have never been to Buffalo JUST DON'T GET IT. You don't Don't act like you do. Ted's, Duff's, Anderson's, Mineo's.... Not having any of them for like 5 months. Oh man. I can't even think about it.