Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Phone Interview!!

OK... So the day of my phone interview had to be the most nerve racking day of my life!! :)
I called Disney on March 13th to schedule it, and was really surprised at how soon I could interview!! I ended up picking a time early Sunday afternoon. I believe it was for.. 12:40? When I scheduled my interview, the woman said my interview was named Mauli (pronounced Molly I was told..).. Well, although she was a few minutes late to call me, she was very nice. We joked around a lot, which definitely made the whole process much easier. Honestly, as nerve racking as the whole process was, it had to be the easiest interview I have ever had.

I don't really want to go into specifics about the interview process, because honestly I don't know how much Disney would want me to disclose, and I don't want them to try and shut the blog down, because honestly I feel they would have that power... It might just be because I am a spaz!! haha

Well first, they go through the application, and make sure everything you wrote down is all right, and then they ask about if you would/could comply with the Disney look...

One of the first questions they ask is "Why do you want to do the College Program?" Obviously, telling the interviewer how bad you want to do the CP is encouraged here... :)
They also ask if it is OK to work up to 50 hours a week, and if you are comfortable living in an apartment with 7 other people.

After that, you and your interviewer go over the role checklist. My interviewer asked me to pick a top three. After you pick your top three, the interviewer asks questions based on what you pick. Obviously, based on what you answer, they try and place you accordingly.

And then after that, the interviewer will tell you that you should hear something within four to six weeks, if you don't you should call them, blah blah blah!! :) My interviewer told me to have a MAGICAL DAY - :) - and that was it, my interview was over! It was nice, but also nerve racking to know it was now all out of my hands!

I got a pending letter on March 26th, which was dated March 20th, postmarked the 23rd. Just to warn anybody, every body's wait times are different, some find out they got in after a week (LUCKY!!) and others wait weeks... and weeks... and weeks! I found out 30 days after my interview.

To anyone who will interview for the CP in the future, I wish you the best of luck!! I am certainly excited for what the future holds for me and the opportunities this will open up to me in the future!

Thank for reading... and HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!! :) I had to do it!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I accepted the offer!

Hey everybody! Not much has been going on here, but I just wanted to tell everyone that I finally accepted the offer! I will be arriving August 24th to start my Walt Disney World College Program!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

CP Survey

Name: Kelly Marth

Age: 19

Birthday: December 20th

Major: Undecided, possibly history

What role will you have during your CP? Attractions

Is that the role you wanted? Yea

Where would you like to work? Somewhere fun, honestly no preference.

Is this your first CP? Yup! :)

Will this be the first time you’ll be living away from home? yup

What building [Vista, Chatham, Patterson]do you want to live in during your CP? Chatham or Patterson

Will you have a car during your DCP stay? Yup

Are you or your family Disney Vacation Club members? If so, what is your home resort? Not now, but hopefully with that discount cast members get.... :-D We were supposed to join this past summer & be @ Kidani Village, but Bay Lake Towers works for me!

Do you have a DIS Boards account? Yup, Kelly_1220

Favorite park in WDW: Magic Kingdom

Favorite time to vacation in WDW: Summer, or Late November/Early December - -NO CROWDS!

Are you interested in having movie nights or group dinners? Yup!

What are you planning on doing during your free time in WDW? Parks of course, def see what else Florida/Orlando has to offer, make a ton of new friends

Anything you’d like to say to your fellow cast members? I'm really excited and nervous about doing the CP, but I am really excited to make a ton of new friends and meet all of you!! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


So it came today! Even though I already knew I was accepted, it definitely is still awesome to have the purple folder in my hands!! When you're accepted by email, you get to view the contents of the very nice purple folder, but yeah, definitely not the same!! I am not sure when I will post another entry (or start the vlog), but I promised when it came I would post a picture, and it was a promise I meant to keep!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Macbook!!!

So I am totally excited. Today I bought myself a new Macbook! So yeah... Eventually at one point I will be doing vlogs!

It is really late, and that's all from me...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So since I won't be leaving for a while, just so you don't think I stopped blogging, I will talk about different aspects of the program, like the application process, the interview; stuff like that.

So today I will tell all of you about the application process.

Well first, you need to view the presentation. There are two ways of doing this :

  • On Campus
  • E-Presentation
Basically they are pretty self explanatory - one is at a school, the other is online... Probably the only difference is that it is a big production when they come to the school... I remember my 1st semester at Buffalo State when they did the E-Pres they had the Mickey Mouse balloons all over campus, and chalk Mickeys all over on the sidewalks, and the purple signage was, like, EVERYWHERE.

I did my E-pres so long ago! I can't even give an approximate date, haha. Probably around the time applications opened up. The presentation is all about the 3 aspects of the company:
  • Living
  • Earning
  • Learning
They show you a clip of all the company has to offer - Emphasizing that they are so much more than parks and movies - they really are an empire!

Then it goes into the 3 parts:

  • Living shows you all about the apartments... since you will be living there after all!

  • Earning discusses... where you will be working, of course! This is about some of the positions you can get while doing the CP!

  • Learning is all about the educational opportunities you can have during the CP. This talks about the fact that you can take classes while down on the CP. You even have the chance of those transferring back into credit when you get home.

The presentation also talks about things like the ever infamous "DISNEY LOOK" and even possible future opportunities with the company.

You get a special code at the end of it all that you MUST have present when you call to schedule your interview.

The physical application is pretty straight-forward. It is pretty much just like any other application you'd fill out when you apply for a job.

Then there is the role checklist. Again, just like, um ALL, of the application process, this is pretty straight-forward and simple too. Just check what you want to do, and leave blank what you don't. Just make sure you are able to do the job, and that you truly can see yourself doing said job for 5 months!

And then, if my memory serves me correctly (I can't remember what else there is!! But again - REMEMBER I am not a complete know it all, haha), you submit it! You are supposed to call and schedule the interview when you are done. I don't know if it was just me, but when I called to schedule the phone interview, I was told they couldn't find my application! AHHH!!! I just about flipped out! So maybe just wait a bit before calling. Maybe that was my problem..? Not really sure, but that was on March 12th, they just told me to call back the next day.

I was really surprised with the vast times they have to interview! I had my pick of a Saturday night @ 10PM, and various other times. I ultimately picked an interview time 12:40 on a Sunday Morning.

I'll do another blog all about the phone interview later!

But to sum all this madness up (I have been typing this up for like an hour, haha) I thought it was so easy to apply and everyone I had to deal with @ Disney was nothing but kind to me! And an added bonus - they put you on hold and they TOTALLY play Disney music, haha. Just like when you call to make dinner reservations! Which speaking of... I can't wait to eat yummy Disney food to my hearts content! Le Cellier Pretzel Breadsticks ---- HERE I COME!!!

And don't you just love the Chocolate Moose (get it, mousse, moose?!) That you can get for dessert?

And they say you can't catch something from the Vista Way hot tubs....

Infections Caused by Hot Tubs

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Disney Acronyms

Hey, I just wanted to post a couple sites with the Disney Acronyms & Abbreviations just because sometimes it will sound like I am speaking in some weird code.. Haha

Stitch Kingdom Acronym Decoder

Disney Acronyms & Abbreviations

My Disney College Program Voyage....

Hey there! I'm Kelly and this is going to be a blog all about my upcoming adventure on the Walt Disney World College Program!
Just some background info about me, I'm a 19 year old sophomore at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. I am pretty sure I will be doing something with History in my life. I'm a total history dweeb! I currently work at Ruby Tuesday, where I do a ton of stuff like serving, food running, and bar tending. I've been there almost 2 1/2 years! This is my mom and I @ the start of our last Disney trip, July 4th-12th 2008!

I have always, ALWAYS wanted to do this internship. I have been visiting the parks since I was 2, going on 3, and have gone 10 times throughout the years. I love all the movies, and I probably know entirely too much about the parks, movies, and Walt Disney. Really. :)

Well one month ago I interviewed (March 15th to be exact) to do the program. I got a pending letter on the 26th. The waiting has to be the most excruciating experience I have ever experienced in my life!! I honestly began to give up hope! I even called Disney yesterday to ask some questions, and asked about what will happen Friday when I am supposed to call them regarding my status (us pending kids are given a date of which we will know the mouse's ultimate decision - mine was the 17th). She actually told me to anticipate a longer wait! I got off the phone (slightly dejected) and went about my day. I had so been looking forward to Friday since I got that letter!!


I came home from school, went to lunch, and came back home. SOMETHING kept telling me to open my email. And there it was! The most magical email these eyes have ever seen!
I am in such shock. STILL. Almost a day later. I honestly don't know when it will wear off. Maybe never. Which is OK with me. Oh, and when my purple folder comes in the snail mail, I will definitely be posting a picture of it on here.

I am so excited for what the future holds for me. This is really just an absolute dream come true. I am so happy and honored to have been given this opportunity.

I will be posting on here whenever I get the chance, but with finals coming up in a few weeks, I am getting kind of busy! But throughout the whole application process I found past CP's blogs to be really helpful, so I will do my best to keep up on this.

OH, I forgot to mention that I will be doing Attractions in the FALL 2009 season. So I will get to be there for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and MY 20th BIRTHDAY! I have always wanted to be in Disney for my birthday! How awesome is that?! Very I think!

If anyone has any questions regarding the application process, definitely check out the CP website. Anything little though that I may be able to answer, feel free to leave a comment. If I know the answer I will most definitely try to help!

Thanks for reading!