Sunday, April 19, 2009

CP Survey

Name: Kelly Marth

Age: 19

Birthday: December 20th

Major: Undecided, possibly history

What role will you have during your CP? Attractions

Is that the role you wanted? Yea

Where would you like to work? Somewhere fun, honestly no preference.

Is this your first CP? Yup! :)

Will this be the first time you’ll be living away from home? yup

What building [Vista, Chatham, Patterson]do you want to live in during your CP? Chatham or Patterson

Will you have a car during your DCP stay? Yup

Are you or your family Disney Vacation Club members? If so, what is your home resort? Not now, but hopefully with that discount cast members get.... :-D We were supposed to join this past summer & be @ Kidani Village, but Bay Lake Towers works for me!

Do you have a DIS Boards account? Yup, Kelly_1220

Favorite park in WDW: Magic Kingdom

Favorite time to vacation in WDW: Summer, or Late November/Early December - -NO CROWDS!

Are you interested in having movie nights or group dinners? Yup!

What are you planning on doing during your free time in WDW? Parks of course, def see what else Florida/Orlando has to offer, make a ton of new friends

Anything you’d like to say to your fellow cast members? I'm really excited and nervous about doing the CP, but I am really excited to make a ton of new friends and meet all of you!! :)