Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So since I won't be leaving for a while, just so you don't think I stopped blogging, I will talk about different aspects of the program, like the application process, the interview; stuff like that.

So today I will tell all of you about the application process.

Well first, you need to view the presentation. There are two ways of doing this :

  • On Campus
  • E-Presentation
Basically they are pretty self explanatory - one is at a school, the other is online... Probably the only difference is that it is a big production when they come to the school... I remember my 1st semester at Buffalo State when they did the E-Pres they had the Mickey Mouse balloons all over campus, and chalk Mickeys all over on the sidewalks, and the purple signage was, like, EVERYWHERE.

I did my E-pres so long ago! I can't even give an approximate date, haha. Probably around the time applications opened up. The presentation is all about the 3 aspects of the company:
  • Living
  • Earning
  • Learning
They show you a clip of all the company has to offer - Emphasizing that they are so much more than parks and movies - they really are an empire!

Then it goes into the 3 parts:

  • Living shows you all about the apartments... since you will be living there after all!

  • Earning discusses... where you will be working, of course! This is about some of the positions you can get while doing the CP!

  • Learning is all about the educational opportunities you can have during the CP. This talks about the fact that you can take classes while down on the CP. You even have the chance of those transferring back into credit when you get home.

The presentation also talks about things like the ever infamous "DISNEY LOOK" and even possible future opportunities with the company.

You get a special code at the end of it all that you MUST have present when you call to schedule your interview.

The physical application is pretty straight-forward. It is pretty much just like any other application you'd fill out when you apply for a job.

Then there is the role checklist. Again, just like, um ALL, of the application process, this is pretty straight-forward and simple too. Just check what you want to do, and leave blank what you don't. Just make sure you are able to do the job, and that you truly can see yourself doing said job for 5 months!

And then, if my memory serves me correctly (I can't remember what else there is!! But again - REMEMBER I am not a complete know it all, haha), you submit it! You are supposed to call and schedule the interview when you are done. I don't know if it was just me, but when I called to schedule the phone interview, I was told they couldn't find my application! AHHH!!! I just about flipped out! So maybe just wait a bit before calling. Maybe that was my problem..? Not really sure, but that was on March 12th, they just told me to call back the next day.

I was really surprised with the vast times they have to interview! I had my pick of a Saturday night @ 10PM, and various other times. I ultimately picked an interview time 12:40 on a Sunday Morning.

I'll do another blog all about the phone interview later!

But to sum all this madness up (I have been typing this up for like an hour, haha) I thought it was so easy to apply and everyone I had to deal with @ Disney was nothing but kind to me! And an added bonus - they put you on hold and they TOTALLY play Disney music, haha. Just like when you call to make dinner reservations! Which speaking of... I can't wait to eat yummy Disney food to my hearts content! Le Cellier Pretzel Breadsticks ---- HERE I COME!!!

And don't you just love the Chocolate Moose (get it, mousse, moose?!) That you can get for dessert?


Kait said...

So I'm going to come visit you for Halloween, kay?

Kelly said...

if you do you should most definitely go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

I can't wait to go to it myself!

wickedancer said...

your blog kicks ass! i love reading!

and ps- i loved being put on hold too! timon and pumba sang to me :)

Kelly said...

thank you melanie!! :) and btw, When I was up @ school yesterday I went to the history dept. to ask a question and a girl (didn't get her name) said she knew you when I mentioned the CP... haha