Friday, June 12, 2009

If I were a Disney Princess I'd be... a cross between Jasmine, Ariel and Pocahontas... Not too shabby I think!

[ ] One of your parents is dead
[ ] You are expected to do a lot of chores
[ ] You love to dress up
[X] You love animals
[X] You are waiting patiently for your Prince Charming
[ ] Your mom is really strict
[ ] You have sisters who seem kind of jealous of you
[X] You’re afraid to speak your mind sometimes
[ ] You have left your shoes at a friend’s house before
[ ] You have blonde hair

[ ] You’ve kissed someone your friends didn’t like
[X] You’ve been lost in the forest
[X] You love to read
[ ] You are not shy at all, and not afraid to speak your mind
[ ] One of your family members is a bit weird
[X] You have done volunteer work
[ ] You have a wild imagination
[X] You love to take care of people in need
[ ]You’ve had guys like you only because they think you’re pretty
[ ] You’ve rejected at least one person when they’ve asked you out

[ ] Your dad is very rich/important
[X] You are very clever
[ ] You’ve been with someone way different from you
[X] You’re unique and different from everyone else
[X] You’d never marry someone just because they were rich
[X] You have set a lot of goals for yourself
[ ] You don’t have a lot of friends
[X]You’re independent
[ ] You are wealthy
[ ]Your parents try to control your life

[X] Your parents expect a lot from you
[ ] You really try to follow the rules, but it’s hard for you
[ ]You’re a bit of a trouble maker
[X] You’re the youngest in your family or in the last 2
[ ] You have a lot of sisters (3 or more)
[ ]you collect something
[ ]You have/had long, hair
[X] You have/had a pet fish
[X] You’re extremely curious
[X] You believe everything people tell you/you’re a bit gullible

Snow White;
[ ] You know that you’re beautiful
[ ] Sometimes it seems like your mom is jealous of you
[ ] You’ve almost been killed
[ ]You have at least seven good friends
[ ] You’ve had food poisoning
[X] You have/had short hair
[ ] You get along with almost everyone
[ ] All of your friends are different
[X] You love to have a good time
[ ] You’re happier when you’re out of the house than in

[ ] You can be a tomboy sometimes.
[ ] People wish you could be a bit more girly
[ ]You’ve pretended to be someone you’re not
[ ] You’ve had a physical fight with someone
[ ] You have/had considered running away from home
[ ] Your parents try to plan your life out
[ ] a lot of your friends are boys
[ ] You sometimes find yourself in bad situations
[X] You love your family so much that you’d do anything to protect them

[ ] You live/have lived with someone other than your parents
[X] You almost died at a very young age
[X] You are gentle, loving, and/or thoughtful
[ ]You have a decent singing voice
[X] You like to sleep in late on the weekends
[X]You spend most of your time outside [try to]
[ ] You’re adopted
[ ] You’re very romantic
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors

[X] You love to walk around and explore big cities
[ ] You are more spiritual than religious
[ ] You’ve been in an interracial relationship
[X] One of your family members is dead (mum, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa)
[X] Your parents are very protective of you
[ ] Someone you know has been in war
[X]You love nature
[ ] You have/had black hair
[X] You would love to move somewhere exotic and beautiful
[ ] You’re very adventurous

Take the princess’s name that you got the most in and repost…

roomie survey

So long story short, my 2 roomies for Disney and I were all set with a fourth girl and now we don't have her, so if you are arriving on August 24th like I am, just comment on here and maybe I can get to know you on facebook or through email?

1. Your name?: Kelly

2. Your age?: 19, will be turning 20 on Dec 20th

3. Male or female?: Female

4. Gay, straight, bi (optional): Straight

5. Where do you live?: Buffalo, NY

6. What role will you have/want at Disney?: ATTRACTIONS!

7. What are your arrival/departure dates/program (fall, fall advantage, fall quarter)?: Fall Aug 24th

8. Which apartment complex would you prefer to live at? Do you prefer wellness or non-wellness (if over 21)?: Either Chatham or Patterson, obviously Wellness

9. How many roommates/rooms would you like? (1-7 roommates, 1-4 rooms)?: I’d like a 2 bedroom. I have 2 awesome girls already, need a roomie for me though!

10. Do you like to party? Will you be hosting parties/activities in your apartment?: I don't party.. I guess if one of my roommates wanted to I wouldn’t mind as long as they didn’t bother me or trash the apt.

11. What's your favorite food, and more importantly, can you cook well?: I like pizza and wings, I’m from Buffalo after all buttttt I know you can’t get them as half as good as back home. I am definitely going to try and learn over the summer but I guess I don’t burn anything!

12. If your friends could describe you in three words what would they be?: Funny, nice, Disney-freak

13. What kind of music/movies do you like?: Basically whatever is on the radio. I am not crazy into rap or crazy scream-o rock music. Definitely love all the Disney songs, I have like 300 songs on my i-pod Also all the boy-bands are amazing and plus I like some of the music from the 80’s. Movie wise I like a lot of stuff, again definitely Disney. I don’t like scary movies or gross ones like Saw.

14. Do you smoke, and if so, inside or outside?: Never ever

15. Do you drink? (socially or alcoholic): nope

16. Are you a night person or a morning person?: I like sleeping in but I can drag myself out of bed early if I needed to.

17. Are you driving or flying down?: Not entirely sure yet. May send the car down on a train and fly down. Or drive. not sure.

18. What do you do for fun?: Hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family

19. What is your favorite quote?: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

20. What are you most excited about in being in the WDWCP?: Getting to live my dream of working for the Mouse! Also getting to explore Orlando!

21. Favorite things to do when not working: Playing around on the computer, playing on my wii. (The wii will be coming with me btw) Definitely if I worked for Disney I would enjoy some well spent time in the park

22. Name one good quality about yourself: I feel like I am a nice person

23. Name one bad quality about yourself: I’m kind of quiet and reserved. Hard to come out of my shell but when I do I am definitely outgoing.

24: Your college: Buffalo State College

25: Your major: Undecided but I think history education...

26. Any medical conditions (optional): Just migraines.

27. Are you messy/tidy?: I'm not a neat freak but I can be somewhat tidy.

28. What sports do you like?: Sports+me= a trip to the emergency room. I'm a Total klutz.

29. Do you plan on having a car at Disney?: Definitely.

30. Anything else you want to state: I really hope to make a lot of friends and have an amazing experience down in Disney. This has been a life-long dream for me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I want to do while on the CP

  1. Swim with the Dolphins @ Discovery Cove - Sure it is like almost $300, but it is something I have wanted to do since I knew you could do it, lol. It is totally a once in a lifetime experience. Disney offers a tour about the dolphins, but it said on one website that "dolphin interaction is not guaranteed." So yeah, Discovery Cove it is!
  2. Do the "Keys to the Kingdom" Tour... AGAIN. - I did it once before, LOVED IT, and am dying to do it again. I guess with each guide you get a new experience, so I think it will not be boring at all. The guide I had for the tour in '06 was a former CP who went full time, and actually I kind of want to follow her path. I WOULD L-O-V-E to get into doing the tours @ Disney. I wonder how I would go about that... hmmm? Anyone know?? If you do please tell
  3. Go to Cocoa Beach - I guess a lot of the CP's go here @ one point or another, and I heard it is amazing there. So yes, Cocoa Beach will be visited at one time by this kid! :)
  4. Look for "Mickey Forest!" I just found out about this, and would love to go searching for it! More info can be found here!
So that's all I can think of for now, as I get closer and start buying guide books for the Orlando area, I will probably edit this post now and then. It's kinda late though so I will definitely spend time on this in the future! :) :) :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Stuff I have bought for the CP 2!

OK, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts! I just have an incredibly unexciting life and haven't had much at all to post about. Basically I am just working and just relaxing at home until I leave.

I work at Ruby Tuesday as a server, and my official last day is August 15th. That gives me one week before I go to Florida to get everything all together. I don't think the amount of time I have will be too bad. I only have been getting like 15 to 17 hours a week there lately(yeah not pleased BTW) so I should have a TON of time!

I bought some more stuff for the CP, obviously as the title of this post states!

I bought this oven mitt and potholder set right off the Disney Store's website (it is in the outlet part, btw). It is Disney Princess themed so I thought it would be perfect!

I also bought the plate set, but not that color green. It is the color of the pink pitcher.

There is also this mug and bowl I bought. They have a deal where you can buy both as a set. I think I got a better deal on it because there was also a sale where they took like 20% off the total purchase. But I think they are pretty cute nonetheless! :)

I'm also buying clothes and stuff that I hope will work for the days I train and have Traditions. And then there are the other clothing purchases I have made that I am really trying to keep as "Disney Only," as in, I will not be wearing them until I am in Disney! :) I bought some flip flops at Old Navy (and yes, on Dollar Flip Flop day! - Almost died BTW) and those are "Disney Only" too

On a side note, don't buy that Shoes Under (in my last post). It is a piece of crap! The thing is really flimsy and if I hadn't lost the reciept (I don't have a clue where it can be - I even ripped my room apart looking for it!) it would be already back on a shelf at Target. Does anyone know if I lost the reciept if I can at least get some store credit? I'm so mad about the whole deal! I am so careful about keeping receipts too!