Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things I want to do while on the CP

  1. Swim with the Dolphins @ Discovery Cove - Sure it is like almost $300, but it is something I have wanted to do since I knew you could do it, lol. It is totally a once in a lifetime experience. Disney offers a tour about the dolphins, but it said on one website that "dolphin interaction is not guaranteed." So yeah, Discovery Cove it is!
  2. Do the "Keys to the Kingdom" Tour... AGAIN. - I did it once before, LOVED IT, and am dying to do it again. I guess with each guide you get a new experience, so I think it will not be boring at all. The guide I had for the tour in '06 was a former CP who went full time, and actually I kind of want to follow her path. I WOULD L-O-V-E to get into doing the tours @ Disney. I wonder how I would go about that... hmmm? Anyone know?? If you do please tell
  3. Go to Cocoa Beach - I guess a lot of the CP's go here @ one point or another, and I heard it is amazing there. So yes, Cocoa Beach will be visited at one time by this kid! :)
  4. Look for "Mickey Forest!" I just found out about this, and would love to go searching for it! More info can be found here!
So that's all I can think of for now, as I get closer and start buying guide books for the Orlando area, I will probably edit this post now and then. It's kinda late though so I will definitely spend time on this in the future! :) :) :)