Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Stuff I have bought for the CP 2!

OK, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts! I just have an incredibly unexciting life and haven't had much at all to post about. Basically I am just working and just relaxing at home until I leave.

I work at Ruby Tuesday as a server, and my official last day is August 15th. That gives me one week before I go to Florida to get everything all together. I don't think the amount of time I have will be too bad. I only have been getting like 15 to 17 hours a week there lately(yeah not pleased BTW) so I should have a TON of time!

I bought some more stuff for the CP, obviously as the title of this post states!

I bought this oven mitt and potholder set right off the Disney Store's website (it is in the outlet part, btw). It is Disney Princess themed so I thought it would be perfect!

I also bought the plate set, but not that color green. It is the color of the pink pitcher.

There is also this mug and bowl I bought. They have a deal where you can buy both as a set. I think I got a better deal on it because there was also a sale where they took like 20% off the total purchase. But I think they are pretty cute nonetheless! :)

I'm also buying clothes and stuff that I hope will work for the days I train and have Traditions. And then there are the other clothing purchases I have made that I am really trying to keep as "Disney Only," as in, I will not be wearing them until I am in Disney! :) I bought some flip flops at Old Navy (and yes, on Dollar Flip Flop day! - Almost died BTW) and those are "Disney Only" too

On a side note, don't buy that Shoes Under (in my last post). It is a piece of crap! The thing is really flimsy and if I hadn't lost the reciept (I don't have a clue where it can be - I even ripped my room apart looking for it!) it would be already back on a shelf at Target. Does anyone know if I lost the reciept if I can at least get some store credit? I'm so mad about the whole deal! I am so careful about keeping receipts too!