Monday, August 17, 2009

Bye Bye Blanca!

So after two weeks of on and off packing, today is the big day! Well, not for me, but for my car (Blanca). Today is the big day where I put the car on the Car Transport... Kinda sad, because I have had to pack everything up a bit early but hey, at least I had a reason to get motivated to do it. I think I would not have packed at all until the last minute had this not been the situation. I'm nervous because right on the contract the guy who took her (is this sad/pathetic I refer to my car like it is a person??) put "PACKED WITH PERSONAL BELONGINGS - NOT LIABLE). I hope people don't break into the car or anything. I really don't have a strong faith in other people since the one time at work someone broke into my car but I really hope nothing happens. I will lose like almost all of my clothes, and like all the personal belongings I had packed for Disney.

It's really weird not having a car though. I keep thinking, "Oh, I have to put ________ in the ca-OH CRAP!" I do not like not having a car, I don't know how I could do 5 months without one!!

My Tinkerbell air freshener! Got it a few years ago in Disney World.
Trunk Shot.
More boxes, my body pillow, memory foam, make-up mirror, my printer...
Lotsa boxes!

All my clothes!
The plate frame says I make the Magic happen! :) My mom got it for me on EBay.
Bye Bye Blanca! (Riding in style with the BRAND NEW Camero!)