Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Closer!!

Disney is getting close. Scary close. I KNOW this is going to be the experience of a lifetime, and that I will have loads of fun, but I am getting really nervous. I am starting to realize all the people and things I am going to miss, even if it is for only 5 months. Or almost a year. Who knows if I will extend...

ANYWAYS... I had a going away party so I could see all my family before I left. I didn't think my family was going to do that, but I am really glad they did. It was a lot of fun. Made me sad though. It really is getting so close, and trying to get everything ready is stressing me out a bit. Trying to get some of the credit card bills down (buying a new camera didn't help- BUT I LOVE IT!), getting boxes to pack up all my stuff, and getting my car checked out are some of the things I am trying to do in my last few weeks. If ANYBODY has done the CP before that reads this has any advice I would really appreciate it. Something you wish you had done before you left, something you wish you had bought, ANYTHING like that. :)