Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Quite Surreal.

Wow, I am almost to double digits on my arrival countdown! :

It is starting to really feel "real" that I will be leaving to work in Walt Disney World! I am meeting my roomies on facebook and the disboards (found 'em thanks to good ol' roommate surveys!). They all seem like really nice girls and I am looking forward to meeting them! I think we are either going to be in Chatham or Patterson. No Vista for Kelly, thank you. I know it has the whole "party" reputation, and people say it isn't that bad, but I really do not want to deal with it, ya know?

I guess my dad bought the tickets for the plane, so yeah. It's official. I've paid the mandatory $100 program assessment fee, and I put in my leave of absence for school earlier today. Man. I still can't beleive in a few months I will be moving to Florida! I've never been away from home longer than a week and a half, so I am nervous about the homesickness I will probably end up feeling. I am trying to not let my worries get in the way of my excitement!

I am DYING to see where I will be working. I have some weird feeling that the costume will require hiking boots. For some reason that is the premention that I came up with, haha.

I Promise, and I really do mean it, I will do a vlog soon. My last exam is on Wednesday morning, so as soon as I am free for the summer, I swear on my life I will do one! I'll even cyber pinky swear you! :)